Stay ahead of the competition

All markets change rapidly and it is crucial to stay ahead of your competitors to keep growth and profitability in line with your targets. When you want to change direction, enter a new market or make strategic changes that will wrong-foot your competition we can help, drawing on our decades of experience of driving major transformations in businesses across many industries. We can also help you in specific areas, from increasing the productivity of your team to making sure that, in this era of cyber  attacks, your assets are secure and protected. 

These are some of the areas where we have helped our clients stride forward. 


Are there bottlenecks in your organisation or processes that are constraining growth?

Are there changes in customer buying behaviour that give you new opportunities?

Is product demand shifting in to new sectors faster than you  anticipated?

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat


Sun Tzu


Are all of your team consistently meeting their sales targets?

Does your team have a sufficient pipeline of opportunities to meet current and future goals?

Does your team follow a systematic process for qualifying deals?

Do your account plans include the insights necessary to acquire and retain target accounts?


Do you need to shift your brand position and messaging to attract new customers and employees?

Are you frustrated with marketing agencies giving you the same, standard pitch you have heard countless times before?

Are you seeing the lead generation across all marketing programs that you need to meet your goals?

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Can the number of touches in each transaction be reduced?

Can processes be streamlined or eliminated so that more resource can be focused on marketing and sales?

Are you getting the benefits you expected from your IT tools?

Is your supply chain flexible enough to support on-time delivery with minimum inventory?


Are you confident that mobile devices are not vulnerable and that network connections are secure?

Is your business protected against ransomware, phishing and other potentially crippling cyber attacks?

Are all of your team aware of what they need to do to protect valuable data and comply with data privacy laws?