Keep all parts of your business moving forward 

If you are building your own business then you know that, for your business to grow as fast as possible, you need to innovate in all areas, from logistics to marketing. No-one can be an expert in every area but knowing enough to shape your business and find the right employees, partners and suppliers is vitally important. 

If you are leading a division in a large company then you can broaden your career opportunities by getting a high-level view of how other business functions work and what industry leaders are doing in each arena to gain a competitive advantage. 

In our workshops, our experts help you build an executable plan specific to your business. We have distilled the skills and knowledge that we have acquired over decades in to simple formats that will enable you to build effective action plans and put them in to practice quickly. 

We run workshops in various areas including:

ecommerce 2.png

In this workshop we work with you to:

  • identify the best platform for your on-line store

  • set up the structure for your store (product pages, blogs, etc)

  • communicate your brand values consistently

  • use the native SEO functions in your ecommerce platform


It is important that your financial plans allow flexibility so that you can make the right investments or savings as market conditions change. We can help you to set realistic revenue and profitability targets and learn how to manage fixed and variable costs in line with growth. 


Your pricing strategy needs to change over time as new competitors enter the market, you launch new products or your brand equity grows. We help you to build a pricing model that incorporates the relevant factors and will help you balance competitive price position with profitability. 


It is crucial to understand where your products are positioned in the marketplace so that you can target the right customers and set the right price points. It is also necessary so that you can plan how far to expand your product line and in which direction. We help you analyse your current positioning and develop a solid product strategy.


We can help you to increase your win rate by focussing your time and effort on the customers and deals that you are most likely to win. Robust processes for customer segmentation, account planning and deal qualification mean that you can:

  • focus on the most profitable customers

  • understand customer needs so you can make the right offer

  • build a relationship so your customers keep coming back