Bringing your product to the world

It makes sense for any company to leverage this low-cost sales channel; on the operations side of the business you can reduce costs and make order management more efficient; on the sales side you can eliminate margin erosion and extend your reach to all corners of the world. 

The most successful on-line businesses have stores that are easy for their customers to navigate. They rely on happy customers to be one of their best marketing tools and use SEO effectively to make sure that new customers can find them. They focus on providing exceptional customer service and leveraging new technologies for marketing, as well as creating outstanding products. 

With experience of  running e-commerce divisions in Fortune 100 companies as well as on-line start-ups, we can help you build a state-of-the-art online store, use customer data for effective marketing and build a solid sales strategy. 


You have seconds to engage customers and make them want to explore your web site further.

Your home page layout, colour scheme, images and content must deliver your brand message clearly and concisely. Your menu structure must be simple to navigate so that everyone can find the products that they are interested in quickly.  Your checkout must have as few steps as possible. 

We can help you build a store that customers want to keep coming back to. 


Selling on line is an opportunity to automate other functions. Invoicing, payments and fulfilment can all be integrated - this makes transactions faster, lower-cost and reduces errors due to data being transferred from one system to another. It also means that orders can be shipped on time, every time and customer enquiries and requests can be answered quickly and accurately.

Many companies have the technologies to achieve these improvements but have not changed processes and organisation structure to take advantage of them. 

We can help make your e-commerce operations seamless. Happy customers will keep coming back to your store.


There are many ways to drive traffic to your store. Positioning in search engines is important but it is vital to use a range of  marketing channels and understand how many visits to your store you expect each one to generate. This helps you to decide how much to spend on social media marketing, SEO, influencers, local advertising and brand messaging in traditional media. 

If site traffic is not as high as you would like, we can help you review your brand positioning and budget across marketing vehicles so that you can increase the ROI on your marketing investments. 


Your store data is an asset that you need to exploit fully.

Reviewing how customers browse in your store and for how long can help you to change your store structure so that they find the right products more quickly.

Understanding what type of customers make purchases and how they found your store enables you to target more advertising at that demographic.

Capturing contact information for store visitors who did not make a purchase allows you to market to people who are already interested in your products​.

We can help you sift through the vast amount of data that you have to find the nuggets that will drive your business forward. 

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