Sometimes even the experienced need a guide...

Changing direction in a large company takes meticulous planning, consistent communication and time. Your leadership team are running the business day-to-day, fully focused on meeting customer needs, on navigating changing market conditions and on developing their teams. 

When you need additional bandwidth to support major changes we can help from the analysis and planning stage through to implementation. We do not send junior consultants to take notes before we engage. We are there from the first step with the brain power, commitment and drive to support you. 


Large companies have vast resources - from human capital to material assets to cash. Over time, processes have been developed and assets assigned to various functions in order to meet customer needs. As automation of some processes becomes an option, there is an opportunity to shift resources to areas that deliver competitive advantage such as product design, new marketing vehicles or new sales channels. This means that the shape of the P&L can be changed - faster top line growth and better cost scaling - without cutting costs. 

Examples of major transformations that we have managed are:

Sales force restructuring: changes to territories, quotas and compensation to increase productivity

Turn-around: renegotiation of multi-million-dollar vendor contracts, business restructuring and client acquisition

Business acquisitions and integrations


It can be difficult to measure ROI on branding and marketing investments but one thing is certain - if sales are not increasing then you need to do something differently.

Do you need to shift brand messaging and communication strategy?

Could you generate more leads by switching marketing vehicles and product focus?

Has your competitive product position changed?

Are your competitors drowning you out in some marketing vehicles?

Would it help to target new customer groups or price points? 

Whatever the marketing challenge, we can support you. 


Often, the best sales people are promoted to be sales managers. These roles require completely different skills; many sales managers do not focus on coaching their team but continue to sell and the productivity of their team members does not improve. 

Across industries, the revenue per head generated by the top 10% of sales people is 5-6 times the average. Improving the output of the rest of the sales team is the fastest route to top line growth and increased profitability. 

Whether you are selling simple consumer products or multi-million dollar technology solutions, we can help your sales managers and teams learn how to focus on the best potential customers and close deals. 


The product refresh cycle is getting shorter across all industries, from fashion to trucks.  Customers expect excellent aesthetics as well as the latest features and functions. Traditional manufacturing processes and supply chains are not agile enough to cope with this rapid change - companies that do not innovate fast enough are stuck with outdated product or excess inventory.

Products can also be delivered in new and creative ways. Manufacture is shifting from huge factories with massive output to local micro-factories or even the consumer's home, as 3D printers become affordable. Content is distributed digitally as books and CDs become a thing of the past. 

Let us help you get lean, agile and fast. 

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