Reaching the next peak

Congratulations! You have already passed base camp and you and your team are powering upward. Like climbers who are roped together though, a business can only move as fast as the slowest team member. All departments need to innovate and stay on the best route.

Your strategic plan is a map to the summit; your tactical plan helps everyone keep pace and alter course when conditions change. 

We can help you make sure that every part of your business is on track to make your company an industry leader and that each team leader knows which tools, people and processes are needed to keep up the pace. 


Is your brand helping you to attract the best talent? 

Does everyone in your team understand their role and how they contribute to reaching your goals?

Does your team feel that they are building the skills to  keep moving the company upwards?

When your team encounter difficulties, do they see it as a challenge or a roadblock to be removed by their manager? 


Does everyone in your team have access to the customer data and resources they need to work effectively?

Do you have a roadmap for automation of processes? Which automation tools will you use?

How will you reassign resources as processes are automated?

Are new automation tools becoming available that could be deployed in your business?


Are all your team members clear on which customer transactions they contribute to and how?

If there is a customer issue, do all team members know exactly who needs to address it?

Who is responsible for acquiring new customers and who is responsible for retaining existing customers?

How much of your resource is invested in sales and marketing and how much is invested in other functions? Are you happy with the balance?


Does your leadership team have the skills needed to scale your business?

Do you have employees that you intend to promote in to management roles as your business grows?

Do they have coaches and mentors to help them acquire the new skills that they will need?

Would you like to expand the range of management styles that your team are able to leverage?

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