educational institutions

Guiding the next generation

For many parents, their biggest investment is in the education of their children. What parents and students expect from schools and universities varies widely and so it is essential for all education institutions to build a strong brand and communicate it well. Prospective parents and students want to know not only about how academic subjects are taught, but also about the breadth of educational and extra-curricular opportunities, the principles that are instilled in students throughout their education and the diversity of the school community and how that is valued. 

We can help you define what makes your school exceptional - the essence of your brand - and then convey your message to the right audience by aligning everything from the school logo and motto to your web site and social media posts. 


We can help you:

Clearly define the focus areas, both academic and extra-curricular, that differentiate you from other schools that potential parents and students may be considering

Articulate the principles that determine how staff and students behave and how these values help to build a solid foundation for student success

Understand the characteristics of parents and students who will most appreciate the education that you are offering and how to communicate with them


In our connected world, prospective parents are receiving information about schools from a variety of sources ranging from school web sites to education directories and other parents. We can help you build a simple plan to reach the right people through all of these channels and structure your communications so that they deliver the right information to the right audience at the right time. 


You need a logo that reflects the values and character of the school. We can quickly design a logo that encapsulates your brand. 

We can also help you design your web site so that

  • Prospective parents and students can easily understand why your school is the right choice for them

  • Current parents and students can find the information they need day-to-day

  • Your brand values are consistently communicated 


In your local area, your school is judged by the appearance and behaviour of the students. School uniform is a critical part of the school brand and has a huge influence on the impression that prospective parents form when they first visit your web site or campus. We can help you understand how different elements of uniform are perceived with relation to academic rigour, school ethos and the level of discipline expected by the school.