When you need a personal sounding board and mentor

As your company grows, you move into unfamiliar territory and you need new skills and expertise to find the right path. You often have to make major decisions quickly and a trusted advisor who understands your business and challenges would be invaluable. Your responsibilities also change, requiring you to learn new disciplines, such as management of remote teams or how to assess new technologies that can help your company grow faster. Whether you need to expand your leadership skills, would like advice from a mentor to help with your next steps or you just need a sounding board, we give you personal support with access to the vast experience and expertise of our team. 







Would you like to expand the range of leadership styles that you can deploy?

Do you feel that you are able to get the best from all of your team?

Has your role expanded in to unfamiliar areas?

Do you feel that your team are fully committed to your business goals?


Are you confident that you have all the information you need to decide on the next steps for your business?

Do you feel there are knowledge gaps in your management team that you would like help with in the short term?

Are you using all of your resources effectively?


Would it help you to discuss your ideas and challenges with someone who could give you a new perspective?

All leaders rely heavily on their key strengths - would you like to develop a broader repertoire?

Are you unclear on the impact you are having, or know the impact but don't know how to change it?


Running your business day to day requires constant juggling. Markets evolve, competitors launch new products and your team need support and coaching to deliver the innovations that will keep the company on the right track. You know what to do to change the trajectory of your business but you don't have the bandwidth. We can provide it.